5 years, over 30 countries and 50,000 players later we have decided to take a break. To everyone who has been a part of our community, thank you! We look forward to joining you for a game and maybe someday taking this experience to the next level.



$ 149.99
Friends Playing Futchi in Sydney
Female Soccer / Futchi player
Round Futchi on the Beach in Australia
Duel Futchi Soccer Match
Futchi Soccer in the Snow
Club Soccer Training Game
Brazil Soccer Futchi Game at the Beach
Girl's Team Soccer Game Futchi

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 Futchi is played 1 on 1 with rules similar to squash. First player to 11 points wins.
 Use the Dynamic Rebound System™ to your advantage! Perfect for improving first touch, volleys, agility, and football decision making skills.
 Develop your skills without even thinking about it. 
 Comes with an all-in-one carrying case. Fit the Futchi Rebounder and all your gear in one bag. 
 Easy setup. Start playing in 10 minutes or less.
 Join 1000's of players worldwide. Download the Futchi App, track your games, and compete for ultimate bragging rights

Quick facts:

 Weight (Net, bag, court): 17.3 lbs
 Width 7.94 feet   Height 6.01 feet
 Weather Proofed Durable Materials: Powder Coated Steel, UV-resistant PE Net, Polyester PEVA Coated Carrying Bag.

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