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It is told that the sport of football began away from the modern day pitch, and that the passion rose up from the streets, the beaches, the backyards, and the mountains. With one ball, players could create...unrestricted by environment. With one ball, players could learn, compete, and grow a community.

Futchi was born to bring us back to the origin of the beautiful game and to transform the way in which it can be played. It is named after the popular Brazilian beach soccer game Futchivolley.

Street Soccer

Futchi launched December of 2015 in both the USA and Sweden. And since, it has been played in over 30 countries by thousands of players. Similar to wallball / squash, Futchi will put you up 1v1 against friends and challenge you to be the first to 11 points. If you have quick reflexes, finesse, and patience, you are already one step ahead of your competition.

Futchi Competition

But, if you don't have any of those attributes, you'll still be able to bring your passion to the game. Futchi doesn't take much skill to play, but it does take quite a bit of skill to master... Let your passion guide where you play and the way you play. 

Broadway Futchi 

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