About Us

Futchi brings people together in a unique social sport combining the fun of soccer with a reward giving online community. From rigorous product testing, to our launch at the 2014 Gothia Cup in Sweden, we have been on constant pursuit to deliver a product that would make soccer skill development more effective, accessible, and fun to players than ever before. With an ultimate goal to create a Futchi world cup series, we are excited to build a framework for players to play, share, and improve their lives through the beautiful game.

The origins of the name “Futchi” (foot force) began a few years ago, after a trip to Rio. Here our team became fascinated with Brazilian soccer culture. And in particular, the acrobatics and stamina of those who play a small sided soccer game called Futchi volley. Like soccer volleyball, Futchi volley challenges players to keep the ball off the ground and strike it over the net in the most challenging way possible for the other team. Games are intense. And they tend to last well past dark. Not surprisingly, they attract quite a lot of attention. But, Futchi volley isn’t just about those who play. Uniquely enough, it creates an atmosphere for much more.

The idea of being “just a spectator” at a match doesn’t exist. During games, members of the crowd will swap in for players they have potentially never met, and invite them to samba, joke, and cheer with their friend groups on the sidelines. Pretty soon, one ball creates a community out of a group of strangers. One ball is all it takes. This is what drives us.

The Futchi Rebounder is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular soccer training products. Designed to grow with the tactics of the player, our product challenges players to think while they play, like they do on the field. With the unique floating net design, players can place the ball and get instant feedback on where the ball returns. And they can strategize where to place it next based on where there opponents stand. This is where the magic begins.

Meet Our North American Team

Blake and Joe are a father and son duo, with a depth of startup experience in the IT, sports, and gaming sectors. Both live in Seattle, but spend a lot of time pursuing personal growth related travel. With a shared passion for the beautiful game, and a desire to help grow its community, Blake and Joe seek to change the way we train...because training shouldn't feel like training. It should be fun! 

"Playing Futchi has been the biggest thing for us since Gran Turismo came out on the PS1. It's the go to activity if we want to get a little competitive, stay active while sharing a drink, or activate a group of friends." 


Meet Blake and learn more about Futchi in a special interview with the Tyler Dunne Soccer Show.

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